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Guenther-Hilgers Engagement

There are two reasons that I love meeting couples for a pint before a shoot. 1) Beer is amazing 2) Beer helps with the awkwardness of having a guy you meet with one time in a coffee shop tell you to kiss while he takes pictures of you. So I was really happy when Brittney and Matt said they wanted to start the shoot at Nana’s Irish Pub in Newport Beach.

After a pint we headed out and found some HUGH murals down by the bay. I mean what screams LOVE more than a mural of a huge sperm whale smashing through a boat and killing several men? Nothing that’s what!

From there we went down to the docks where they had their own boat. That’s right… their OWN BOAT? Who has their boat? They do! After promising not to do any titanic styled pictures and trying my hardest to not start singing “I’M ON A BOAT” we went off the docks and they had a nice game of catch.

I then continued the awkwardness by taking them under a bridge followed by a quick jaunt into the woods. We would have stayed longer in the woods but apparently I am delicious to mosquitos and seeing how I’m 10226.8 days behind in taking my malaria pills I decided to call it a night!

I had a lot of fun with these two and I cant wait to do their wedding in Bend this summer!


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